Make Waves


Surfers are known to spend hours waiting for the ultimate wave. Imagine your kids being that patient?
We’ve found some faster, family-friendly ways for the whole family (mom included) to get our thrills on the water this summer.

Toddlers will love you for making the trek to Maple Grove Pool. Surrounded by grassy knolls, it’s the perfect place for parking the stroller and spreading out the beach blanket (and yes, there are plenty of trees for shade). The pool itself is beach-entry style, so toddlers (or non-swimmers) can sit and soak or splash up a storm. There’s a fun fountain, small slide and you can bring your own water toys. The adjacent playground is ideal for the younger set so plan on a visit either before or after your swim time. Good to Know: The ‘deep end’ is 1m high and children under eight need to have an adult within arm’s length. All fees are cash only.

Older kids looking to kick up the ‘cool’ factor will enjoy skim boarding at Spanish Banks. The beach is world renowned for the sport, thanks to thousands of tidal pools perfect for skimming at low tide—all you need is a pint-sized board and some surf wax. We recommend renting one from Windsure by the hour or buying one (the best boards cost about $100). Children aged seven and over can sign-up for one of their week-long camps. Beginners will have better success if they start out by floating, rather than throwing, their boards. And the shallower the tidal pool, the more distance the little dudes will travel!


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