Nice and Spicy


This is the best time of year to shake the old taste buds out of complacency and familiar routines. Why? Because we found Octogon Catering & Meals to Go, where they specialize in Spanish and Moroccan cuisine. It’s centrally located in Centretown and is the perfect place to give those buds a jolt with something new.
Aliza Hutmann (chef, owner, and mom of two) cooks up an array of affordable, healthy take-home meals made from good ingredients (many of which are gluten-free). They’re smartly packaged in oven-safe containers, which makes them super convenient for immediate heating and serving.

This food has heart. It’s about tomatoes, lemon, chickpeas and mouthwatering tagines. The dishes range in spiciness (think paprika, saffron, cumin, nutmeg, and cinnamon).


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