Leggo My LEGO

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

There was a time, long, long ago, when televisions had rabbit ears, computers were as big as a garage and music played on tapes the size of a stack of Denny’s pancakes. There were no iPods, no laptops, no remote controls. Try explaining that to your five year-old.
Then there’s LEGO. We ‘get’ LEGO because we played with it as kids. Kids ‘get’ LEGO because they use it to create (square-themed) yellow, red and blue versions of their own unadulterated universe (what bliss).

Since there are so many LEGO fans in Calgary (ahem, we do have the only LEGO retail store in Canada, located in Chinook Centre), we have also scored the first and only Bricks4Kidz franchise north of the border.

Bricks4Kidz is an educational program based around LEGO building bricks. Programs start at the preschool age where kids work on developing fine motor skills while practicing their ABC’s and 123’s. They then extend through elementary school, where kids are introduced to basic engineering, mechanics and architecture principles. Some of the coolest camps and after-school activities include introductions into the world of LEGO MINDSTORMS robotic toys, where creations literally come to life through the use of software and sensors.

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