Ottawa: The Savvy Guide to November

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

November, November, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways (or at least let us find the ways to love thee first). Here are a few savvy tips on making the most out of this not-so-popular month.
Catch Santa in his parade on November 19
Why? Because your kids will love it and they will one day appreciate the fact that you stood around in the freezing cold for hours holding a spot for them to see the big man himself (you might have to wait until they’€™re parents though).

To the Ottawa Children’€™s Storytelling Festival on November 5
Why? Because kids and stories go together like PB & J, and not only will they enjoy listening to a few tales, but they also get to dance and make crafts as well.

Some of your holiday shopping done ahead of time’€”just buy a few gifts now for the hard-to-buy-for people on your list
Why? Because then you only have to buy the fun ones’€”like toys for your kids’€”closer to the holidays.

Why? Because it’€™s a funny, simple game that will have everyone in stitches. It’s fun to play at the dinner table, too. Everyone sits in a circle, and one person is ‘€˜It’€™. Each person takes a turn asking ‘It’ a question. The only answer to every question can be ‘€˜Tomato’€™. The first person to make ‘It’ laugh wins a turn at being ‘It’. Questions can be: ‘€˜What color is your hair?’€™ ‘€˜Tomato.’€™ ‘€˜What do you brush your teeth with?’€™ ‘€˜Tomato.’€™ You get the picture.

Triangles by Ellen Hopkins
Why? It’€™s a compelling story of three girlfriends in the midst of their own personal midlife crises as they find themselves exploring sex, confronting marriage and adjusting to the roller-coaster reality of life. And we’ve got 10 copies to give away here, along with a guest blog post from the author herself.

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