So Mush Fun


When we think about our home and native land some of the things that spring to mind are poutine, maple syrup, ice skating, and…dogsledding?
It’s the only thing on the list we bet you haven’t tried yet.

Not only is dogsledding a unique part of our national history, it is the quintessential Canadian winter activity. Besides, can you really call yourself a patriot if you haven’t been pulled around by a pack of dogs?

At The Fairmont Le Château Montebello (near Parc Oméga) in Quebec, you can enjoy a unique dog sledding experience whether you are a guest of the hotel or not. It’s very family-friendly and a thrilling (Canadian!) activity for people of all ages.

The drivers will divide you into groups of two: one adult for each child. As you prepare to embark, there will be a lot of yipping and howling coming from the team (they’re as excited as you are) but don’t pet the dogs. They’re working animals, not pets.


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