The Best of the Break


Spoiled for choice we are, us parents of small children here in the nation’s capital during the March Break. The pressing question is not what to do but rather, what to choose?
If you’re working, you need to know about the best March Break camps. Our top picks are at Carleton University, where kids not only get great instruction in a range of sports, but also a daily swim and cafeteria lunch. Trust us: the cafeteria lunch, for most kids, is an even bigger attraction than the Olympic-sized swimming pool (and a huge hit with parents who are sick of making lunches). Kids need to be at least six years old to attend.

If you’re home during the break with the munchkins, but would still like a little programming, consider a series of downhill ski lessons at Camp Fortune, which is offering a March Break session. Lessons are two hours (10 am to 12 pm), with a three-day minimum commitment. Kids as young as four can sign up for lessons, and you’ll be amazed at how easily even very small kids catch on. Those aged six and under don’t pay for lift passes. (Warning: Monday morning can be a little hairy as everyone gets sorted into skill-appropriate groups, so bring along a giant canister of patience. After the initial sort-out, all should run smoothly.)


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