That Break in March


It’s that time of year when spring is approaching: the snow melts, the sun shines (we hope!) and the schools close their doors for a week or two regardless of whether we’ve got time for a family vacation or not.
If you’re fortunate enough to take some time off work for March Break to travel with the kids, then we have one word we’d like you to remember: relax. Okay, so the vacation part might be easy, but the travel is tough, right? Not so. We’ve pulled together our SavvyMom Guide to Family Travel for the express purpose of helping make the journey as much of a joy as the final destination. Just be sure to pack your sunscreen whether you’re headed for the ski hills or some serious sunshine. And if swimming is definitely going to be a part of your break, be sure to review these important rules on water safety for peace of mind.

If you are going to be staying home for the break, or need some ideas to keep the kids busy, be sure to check out our newsletters tomorrow to get some ideas on Spring Break activities and camps in the area.

March Break is a great time to test out some local programs without committing to a full session—many places offer weekly camps that are ‘tasters’ of their larger programs.

It’s also a great time to rediscover your home town. After all, sometimes it’s fun to be a tourist where you live, especially if you haven’t revisited any of the local attractions for awhile.

So whether you’re going to be hunkering at home or heading out to an exotic (or at least warmer) locale, be sure to remember the most important word in this whole situation: ‘break’.


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