Bringing Bambi Home


Every deer we see (or animal with antlers) is ‘Bambi’ in our books and we love them all.
We think of the forest and we think of our sweet, sweet Bambi. He’s an iconic image from our childhood that we don’t want to let go of—and we won’t.

Luckily, we don’t have to because now our kids can appreciate the story of Bambi and life in the forest with our friends Thumper and Flower, too.

That’s right, and it’s all possible in High Definition because Disney has brought Bambi out of the vault for the first time in HD for a limited time (so hurry). The new enhanced and digitally restored version also comes with all new immersive Blu-ray™ bonus features.

Where do you get yourself one of these limited-time-only, out of the vault special edition movies your family will cherish forever? At Zellers.

bambi gift bagIn fact, for a very limited time, when you purchase the Two-Disc Bambi Diamond Edition on Blu-ray™ Combo Pack at Zellers, you can receive the gift* of an Easter Bag—perfect for your family Easter egg hunt!

Just because Bambi has been digitally enhanced doesn’t mean you’re watching a modern day Bambi. It’s the same classic heartwarming story being delivered to you through modern technology. That’s progress.

* Gift bag available only at Zellers, and while supplies last.


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