The Boo List


Boo: Sometimes short for boo-hoo, the sound a small child makes when her parents have forgotten to secure her a decent Halloween costume for the big day.
Don’t be caught in this situation. There are two approaches to Halloween costumes: Buy them, or make your own. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you probably don’t need our help. For the last-minute scramblers among us who are destined to buy a ready-made costume, here are some ideas.

The first stop for thrifty shoppers should be Phase 2 on Bank Street in Old Ottawa South. Normally a second-hand clothing shop, this store turns into a “Halloween BOO-Tique” (according to its storefront banner) in October. You’ll find a huge selection of inexpensive, second-hand costumes and accessories for children and adults, as well as some brand new gear—think stick-on nails, wigs, masks, vampire teeth—to complete your look.

If you’d rather buy new, check out Malabar Unlimited on Merivale Road in Nepean. Malabar sells adult’s and children’s costumes, including popular licensed versions like Shrek, Superman and Barbie of Swan Lake. You’ll also find theatrical makeup, wigs and various novelties and accessories. For a sense of what Malabar has to offer, or if you’d rather just shop online, check out Malabar Online.


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