The Skin We’re In


It ain’t easy, being green, is it? We are doing our best, eating locally and organically, finally remembering to bring reusable bags when we shop, and recycling like fiends. It’s time for the final frontier: skin care. Lucky for us there are couple of great places in Ottawa where we can turn to for help and find some great products.
Oresta Organic Skin Care Confectionery is not just a store, nor is it just a place to get organic facials. Oresta Korbutiak is the expert, owner (and mom!), whose battle with adult acne was the main reason she decided to become an expert in skin care.

Every product she carries has been put to the test by Oresta herself, a self-proclaimed product junkie, and she stands by each of them wholeheartedly. The products she sells in the store (and online) are the same she uses on her clients. One of her faves is Eminence, and she loves their line of powdered mineral sunscreen. Say goodbye to goop! All you need is a simple dusting. Incredibly, it is water resistant and has an SPF of 30.

Organic facials are the top draw here. We’re keen to try the Chocolate Decadence facial, and no, we’re not going to tell our children when we do—perish the thought of Nutella ‘facials’ for years to come! We’re also keeping an eye out for her own organic lipgloss, LipKiss, which will be available at the end of September.

Oresta offers sage advice to those of us who are looking to make the switch to organic beauty products: ’take it one step at a time’. Taking care of our skin shouldn’t be a stressful process but it’s also not as simple as dry, oily or combination skin. Our skin is as individual as we are, and changes with the season. Oresta can tell you what you need to know, no pressure.


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