Do Tell


The end of summer brings with it a time of renewal of sorts for moms. ‘Back to reality’ means we have a new to-do list, but fortunately it is often accompanied by exciting goals and projects to take on that we’ve been contemplating over the summer. (And we’re not talking about tackling that front hall closet).
We’re no different at SavvyMom. We’ve been planning lots of exciting new things for the rest of the year and we want to make sure they are as good as they can be for you, our savvy readers.

So to that end, today we bring you our annual Reader Survey along with a chance to win, for each reader who completes the survey, 1 of five $105 Supermama kits from our favourite skincare line, MamaMio. We’re dying to get your input on how we’re doing (bringing the savvy scoop to you and all), and we’re happy to make it even better, if you want to let us know how. Please take a moment to answer a few questions about what you like or dislike (don’t hold back, we can take it). And in the spirit of renewal, we’ll keep improving the Savvy experience with your feedback in mind.


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