Trade Secrets


It’s the time of year for “shoulds”. You should exercise more, eat better, improve your mind. Maybe re-organize your house, clean out your closets or renovate that bathroom too.
You can cross a few of those “shoulds” off your list with these recommendations for the best tradespeople to know (and call) in Ottawa.

For Your Happy Feet
We fully support the idea of your home having a lived-in feel. But there is a limit. When playing “name that stain” replaces your family’s favourite board game, you need to call Steve McNaughton.

Steve patches, stretches, binds, rips up and re-lays. He’ll save your old carpet or recommend the best new one for you and install it too. Whether it’s a wall-to-wall overhaul or a small repair, Steve’s a carpet whiz with a great attitude.

The Renaissance Master (Painter)
It takes a pro to know a pro. Interior designer Catherine Liebe, SavvyMom of two, wants all her clients to love their finished homes. She trusts painter Brian Elliott of Heritage Painting Co. for the perfect final coat and to treat clients professionally in the process. That’s a stamp of approval we like.


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