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It’s not easy finding the right man these days. And you really have to trust him if you are going to welcome him into your home.
Tradespeople—we mean! What did you think we were talking about? Here’s a short list of savvy-approved ‘secret weapons’ who can help you tackle your household to do list—one job at a time.

The Renaissance Master (Painter)—Painting by Renato
The Savvy Factor: He has fair prices, is very detailed (on the painting that is—less so on the paperwork), loves his work and plays decent music on the job.
Polite to the Kids Factor*: 10 out of 10
Good to Know: He likes fish tanks. If yours is dirty he’ll likely clean it for you!

For Your Happy Feet Interior Care Carpet Service
The Savvy Factor: They provide excellent quality service and are always on time (thanks to master scheduler Karen). If your carpets don’t look (almost) new after a visit, they need to be replaced.
Polite to the Kids Factor*: Kids should stay out of the way when they are in your house pulling huge vacuum tubes up your stairs.
Good to Know: Their stain-removing formula is magic. Smile and ask nicely for a small sample in case of emergencies. Prices are competitive (i.e. you get what you pay for).


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