When the Moon Hits Your Eye

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

You know, pizza really isn’t as bad as some might think. There’s no doubt the pros of our Friday night pizza night tradition outweigh the cons. The kids love it, and we love how they get all four groups at once and how tomato sauce counts as a vegetable.
But the type of pizza can be a divisive issue. Should it be doughy and cheesy? Or thin and crispy? We’ve outlined a few different options for those who have discerning palates.

No list of great pizza places would be complete without Moe’s World Famous Newport Restaurant, home of the cheesiest pizza in the city (you’ll need that fork and knife) and the Elvis-sighting society.

Colonnade Pizza is at the top of the list for many pizza lovers. Colonnade is very family-friendly and they’re known to be generous with the cheese and the toppings. If you aren’t watching your waistline, we recommend the banana cream pie to top it all off.

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