Life of Pie


Maybe you blamed it for the “freshman five” you slapped on in first year, but we’re guessing that wasn’t enough for you to stop eating your favourite food group.
These days you’ve graduated to thinner crusts and fresher ingredients (and you’re likely eating it at a much earlier hour).

Yes, pizza—our beloved staple that has taken us from childhood to parenthood. It’s easy, it’s cheap and it can be healthy (enough) if you know how to order it right (try any or all of thinner, whole wheat crusts, lots of veggie toppings, light on the cheese or extra sauce). So we have scoured the city for the best pizzas in town and here is what we found…

Numero Uno
There is nothing not to like about Caruso Gourmet Pizza in Bolton, Ontario except that it might be far away from where you live. This family run restaurant is worth the drive though, especially if you find yourself going north on the weekend. We love the intimate family service but most of all we love the combinations of fresh homemade ingredients that go into making the best pizza pies in the GTA.
Our Fave: Tre Funghi
Our Kid’s Fave: Hawaiian (it has strawberries)

Mid-Town Treat
PizzaAiolo at Yonge and St. Clair just opened its doors in this neighbourhood a few months ago but it’s not new to the city. There are six other locations across Toronto serving up some pretty interesting flavours from Thai Pie to whole wheat and veggie options. It’s great for a quick lunch because you can order by the slice and if you go with the kids before the peak times (like 11:30) you’ll beat the rush. Thin crusts and fresh homemade ingredients give it the savvy thumbs up.
Our Fave: Whole Wheat Primavera
Our Kid’s Fave: The Godfather


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