Meetcha for Pizza

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

Seems like everyone wants a piece of the pie these days—pizza pie, that is. There is no shortage of pizzerias in our fair burg, and all we can say to that is ‘thank goodness’. Not only is it a food that everyone seems to like, it has saved us from cooking duties after many (many!) a long day. In celebration of this family-friendly fare, we’ve asked scouts around Metro Van to pick the best of the crop in their neighbourhood for your dining pleasure:
Those in the real pizza “know” flock to the handmade organic crusts and original toppings featured at Steveston Pizza. Chef Nader Hatami offers up classic cheese and pepperoni pizzas for those with simple tastes, but also utilizes ingredients such as figs, mascarpone mousse, wild boar sausage and marinated bison for those looking for more exotic fare. While there is a small dining-in area, the fishing village of Steveston also boasts lots of public spaces perfect for picnicking by the water.

Nat’s New York Pizzeria is the hands-down fave of many a SavvyMom. Customers rave about its thin, hand-thrown crust. There are two locations to serve Vancouverites; on West Broadway in Kits, and in the West End on Denman. Bella Pizza at Hemlock and Broadway is worth a mention as well for the wonderfully copious amounts of garlic in their tomato sauce!

For a family outing and a delicious (often locally-sourced) meal, we love to go to the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company in Kits, where on Sunday and Monday nights kids can roll their own dough, add the toppings, and see their creations disappear into the brick oven, and then have fun in the Natural Pod-furnished play area while they are waiting for their meal to cook. A bargain at $6.50 per child, and there are plenty of palate-pleasing menu items for the adults, too.

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