Our Top 25 Gifts Under $25


We love shopping for holiday gifts, don’t get us wrong about that. But there is always that growing list of giftees we call the ‘no less important but tough to buy for’ persons. It includes the coach, the babysitter, the teacher, the tutor and the amazing kids next door who are always over. Let’s add the brother-in-law (because we love him) to the list that just keeps on growing.

Our solution? We bring you our annual list of the Top 25 Gifts Under $25. 

For the Sister-in-Law You Love 
Now here’s a product we really stand behind. Every single penny made from the purchase of Consonant Skincare’s Help Somebody Soap goes to The Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund, which provides much needed financial assistance to women living with breast cancer. As if that wasn’t reason enough, it’s also all-natural, organic and smells fantastic. (Get Shoppin’)

For the Decorating Diva
Beautifully lit candles can make the most of any setting. These Alphabet Votive Cups will give off a personalized glow and leave a lasting and warm feeling with a friend or host you adore. (Get Shoppin’)

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