13 Outdoor Games and Activities Perfect for Rainy Days

Things To Do Outside When It's Raining

When it’s raining outside, our first instinct is to find a nice warm spot indoors. But when you’ve been cooped up in close quarters for a while, all bets are off. So, the next time it rains, bundle up in some boots and rain jackets and head outside. Here are some great ways to have fun and get active outside on rainy days:

Puddles. It’s all about the puddles. Jump in puddles, jump over puddles, jump around puddles. Kids might even like watching patterns in the water while their siblings splash about.

Explore mini streams. Watch and follow water as it runs down the street. Even better, craft a little boat out of paper, or even leaves and sticks, and watch it float.

Splash each other. There’s nothing like a good old fashioned splashing.

Catch raindrops on your tongue. Then try catching them on your hands. Or fingertips. Or toes. Or nose. (Kids won’t realize, but they’ll be developing their balance, overall body coordination, and sensory development.)

Play a favourite sport in the rain. But don’t forget the rain will make things slippery.

Water plants. Carry the houseplants outside and let them get a breath of fresh air and a big delicious drink of rainwater.

Go for a hike around the neighbourhood. Yes, this one means there’s definite adult involvement, but if you dress for the weather everything will be fine.

Make mud pies. Mud is incredibly appealing to little ones. And you can just toss the kids into the shower right after.

Play in the sandbox. It’ll be a whole new adventure with the rain coming down. (See point above regarding showers.)

Look for worms. Kids love to rescue them from the middle of the sidewalk while out for a rainy walk.

Dance. Put your favourite song in your pocket (to protect it from the rain, of course), listen to the beat of the raindrops, and dance your heart out.

Get artsy. If you’re feeling really adventurous, bring out the art supplies and see what happens when the rain inspires the creative process.

Blow bubbles. There’s something really cool about watching them pop (or not) while the rain falls.

Rain doesn’t have to mean everyone is stuck indoors. Some of the most fun your kids can have is when they’re free to stomp through puddles, play in the mud, and get soaking wet on the rainiest of days. And when you’re all done, dry off with the big pile of towels all warm and toasty, fresh from the dryer.

It doesn’t get much better than that.



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