Pick of the Week: Siliskin Straw Tops

Siliskin Straw Tops_feature

Because sometimes you don’t want to always go the restaurants that have the kiddie cups, we introduce to you our latest cool find: Siliskin Straw Tops.

These silicone tops stretch over and grip onto glasses, giving any cup a straw top, so you can prevent spills wherever you go. We think they make a lot of sense for when you’re visiting the in-laws or friends (or any place that doesn’t have a fully stocked sippy cup cupboard at your disposal) and ‘fancier’ restaurants. They’re recommended for use on cups of 3″ diameter or less, for ages 3 and up, and also come in a sippy cup version, too.

Siliskin Straw Tops are available at Indigo for $14.95.


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