Prime Mates


You really get a sense of how closely related we are to our evolutionary past when your child is in the 10-month phase. The affinity for bananas aside, our little monkey does the best impressions in the family. The ‘€˜ewww eww, ahh ah’€™, pushing and thrashing his food, a constant disturbance of the peace.
Baxter’€™s most entertaining primate impression is reminiscent of a monkey dining on ants. It looks like a simple finger test, wherein a wet digit is poked into an unknown, sampled and tasted. Works well on moist food, drinks, shag carpet, dirty corners in the crevasses of windows and of course, sand.

When he’€™s at the park, settled in the sandbox, it’€™s like he’€™s sitting in the biggest package of Fun Dip. Frankly, I think he’€™s onto something. His teeth are so white and clean. Perhaps we all need an oral exfoliate.

But seriously folks, we don’€™t let him eat sand and my comparisons to primates are purely positive. Amy and I are simply stunned at his recent progress’€”physically and cognitively. It’€˜s like witnessing the evolution of the species sped up (with less fur and forehead). We barely have time to keep track of all his new achievements. We find ourselves scrambling to keep up with him now. From baby proofing to more challenging toys, we need to do some serious catching up. I for one refuse to be responsible for his devolution. Leave that to the Internet, television, and pop music.


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