Put the ‘Home’ Back in Doing Homework

Helping kids with homework
mother assisting daughter in writing homework on table at home

Once school starts, it can be tough to get kids back into a routine and focused on homework. But love it or hate it (mostly hate it) homework is a key part of your child’s education, and it’s important that they not only complete it, but also understand what they’ve learned.

Studies show that children’s achievements in school improve with increased parent involvement in education. So get involved in your kids’ schoolwork and you might even learn something new too!

ABC Life Literacy Canada offers 10 tips on how to make homework part of your daily routine…

10 Tips for Doing Homework with Your Child:

  1. Develop a daily routine by setting aside a specific time each day/evening for homework.
  2. Provide a quiet, well-lit place with basic school supplies.
  3. Understand your child’s style of learning. This will help you develop a personalized homework plan for your child.
  4. It’s not uncommon for kids to get overwhelmed with big assignments or projects. Help them break the project down into smaller steps. Work on pieces throughout the week and do the hard parts on the weekend.
  5. Talk with your child’s teacher and be aware of their method of teaching. Help your child by using familiar terms and examples.
  6. Don’t reserve learning to homework hour. Make learning a part of daily life.
  7. If your child gets frustrated or distracted with their homework, allow them to take a short break. If this frustration continues, talk with your child’s teacher to determine if a tutor might be needed.
  8. To reinforce comprehension and memory skills, take 10 minutes to talk about the stories you’ve read together.
  9. Show your child that the skills they are learning relate to real life. If your child is learning math, for example, balance the family budget or have them count out change for you.
  10. Teach your child to be independent. Offer to help them with difficult homework challenges, but then let them complete the remainder on their own.

For other family literacy tips and activities, visit ABC Life Literacy Canada.


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