Resolution 4: Find Balance


Work, life, family, exercise, romance…(did we say romance?)
We know, good luck with all that. The elusive “B” word, balance, the very quest for which can add anxiety (or worse, another item on our to-do list).

Truly, finding balance in life is a constant learning process. And according to Jessica Cherniak, mom of four and seasoned doula, awareness is the key first step.

Take the balance test every once in a while and learn how to avoid potential pitfalls.

1. Do you think selfish is a dirty word?

Remember the first rule you learned when flying with children: oxygen for parents first, then for the children, in case of emergency. You are no help to your family until you take care of yourself first. Let Calgon take you away, walk the dog, visit your local nail spa, practice yoga or take belly dancing classes. Commit to some ‘Me’ time and have fun with it.


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