Resolution 3: Share More


Anthropology 101 – Interpersonal Relations
Dads grunt and bang their chests.

Moms share.

So, as moms, we have some tidbits to share with you (remember, sharing is caring).

Here are our picks from the submissions our savvy readers sent in to share with all of us– their Words to Live By. These are the thoughts and emotions that resonated during a mommy moment – the words inside their heads which often came out sounding like their very own mothers’.

On Discipline
Childhood is precious and fleeting – save your battles for issues of morals, safety, good manners and respect for others.
Karen Kelly, mom of 2

On Negotiating
Have the phone number of a local hero handy – a neighbour, older child or cousin yours will look up to – who will say things like “milk makes you big and strong, it’s really true” and “yes, it’s cool to wear mittens.” Something about having a hero explain it works better than a mom.
Trae Bregg, mom of 2


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