Resolution 2: Get Happy


(A SavvyMom tale based on a true story. Please read to the tune of the Gilligan’s Island theme song.)
Sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a six year old boy. Who loved his Chinese fortune cookies – even though he couldn’t read. Even though he couldn’t read.

One cookie told him he was a lucky boy and soon he’d get some mail. He was to receive a package soon, so he waited without fail. He waited without fail.

Then one day he trudged through ice and snow just to get home from his school. And only for the courage of the brave mailman, a package could be found. A package could be found.

This package was a big white envelope, with graphics great and small, lots of stickers and drawings and happy stuff – waiting for him in the hall.

Inside the envelope were craft supplies, lots of treats and a little note. The return address was marked Happy Mail (not to be confused with Happy MALE).

What’s Happy Mail, you ask – I’m sure – and we’re thrilled to spread the word.
It’s a fabulous new activity about which the Savvy Moms have just heard.
The SavvyMoms have just heard.

Well, the little boy was stunned of course. The fortune told the truth. The package wasn’t just a greeting card, but the coolest thing since he lost a tooth. The coolest thing since he lost a tooth.

So check out – we’re sure that you’ll be pleased. It will give your kids something to do when they have to stay home with a sneeze. Oh, when they have to stay home with a sneeze!


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