Resolution 1: Brush Better

Toothbrush Science Experiment

1. Subject 1 (male, age 3) uses toothbrush to help mommy ‘clean up’, vigorously scrubbing the sink with it.
2. Subject 2 (female, age 1.5 years) takes toothbrush into the bathtub to use as a toy boat.
3. Subject 3 (female, age 5) refuses to use new toothbrush as it is not the same as old one with the Disney Princesses on it, thus delaying use of new toothbrush for three months until such model is again available in stores.
4. Subject 2 (female, age 1.5 years, not that discerning about swapping spit) uses toothbrushes of Subject 1 and Subject 3 while they are busy putting on their pyjamas.

Hypothesis: Typical behavior with toothbrushes by young children creates high potential for germs.

Findings: (1) The vast majority of toothbrushes harbour millions of microorganisms – scary things like staphylococci, streptococci, coliforms and yeast. (2) Toothbrushes can play a role in transmitting germs and viruses.


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