Rotisserie-Style Roast Chicken Made at Home

Rotisserie-Style Roast Chicken Recipe - SavvyMom

This recipe came to my attention via my friend, Tess. A pastry chef and mother of two teen boys, Tess and I worked together in catering and quickly became close friends when we realized just how similar our lives are.
For example, we’€™re both passionate about food and work in the industry. Our husbands work in similar fields and coach hockey for the same organization. Our younger sons not only take guitar lessons at the same music school, but their classes fall on the same day at the same time. None of this is planned, but we’€™re practically living the same life, so when she sends me a text message and tells me I need to try the recipe for rotisserie chicken that’€™s found in the pages of a cookbook we both own, of course I don’€™t question her, I just make it. If her family likes it, there’€™s little doubt mine will too. And now that I’€™ve tried it three times, I’€™m pretty sure yours will like it just as much.

Besides the impressive smoky flavour that permeates both the flesh and skin of the roasted bird, what I like best about this meal is that it works just as well for a busy weeknight as it does for serving to guests on Saturday night. The ingredient list is just four items long, and as long as you have a hot oven and cast-iron skillet, the recipe requires no work from you other than a periodic turn of the chicken every 20 minutes or so.

To aid in the ease of making this recipe I have a tip I’€™d like to suggest that isn’€™t included in the original version’€”make sure to dry your chicken very well before you apply the spiced butter to the skin. If the chicken is damp at all, the butter will just slip off the skin leaving you beyond frustrated. I like to pat my chicken dry with paper or kitchen towels, and leave it on a plate or cutting board at room temperature for 45 minutes or so. This will help the skin to dry out making it easier for the butter to stick, and to create a crispy surface once it’€™s roasted.

Find the full printable recipe here: Rotisserie-Style Roast Chicken


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