Santa Calling

Share the magic with your kids this season with some great ways to connect with or email Santa before the big day.

Whether they refer to that jolly old elf as Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, or Kris Kringle, around about this time of year, some smaller members of your family just might be looking for ways to get in touch with him.
After all, it’s important everyone up at the workshop knows how good they have been this year.

And thanks to the miracle of modern day technology, there are a number of ways to get that message through to him, and even hear back.

For 29 years, over 11,000 Santa’s Helpers (aka volunteers) from Canada Post have been running the Santa Letter Writing Program. Kids need to drop a letter in the mail before December 3, addressed to: Santa Claus, North Pole, H0H 0H0. He’ll write back to them in the language in which the letter was originally written (English, French or Braille). But the modern Santa is now ‘new-school’ and is addicted to his email (just like the rest of us). You can now email him and he’ll email a nice note back. Either way, it’s a fun approach to learning about letter-writing (or learning the all-important skill of making sure you get what you want).


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