Soccer Party Redux


Despite how it actually ended up, when we asked you who you were cheering for in the World Cup, neither Spain nor the Netherlands came back as big winners. So we’re sorry for all you Italy and England fans, not to mention Cameroon. But we’re not sorry for the big winners of our Popsicle soccer party prizes. Tamara Brancati of Ajax will be enjoying her $250 soccer party prize package, which includes a sports bag, soccer ball, goalie gloves, cones and pylons, two towels, coupons for a package of Slow Melt Popsicles, a Popsicle soccer parent t-shirt, and four water bottles. And for Sandra Melo of Barrie, she and her family will be slurping up $40 worth of coupons for Popsicles, perfect for an after-soccer snack.
Our EatSavvy Editor, Denise, took our soccer party pack last weekend when she went to her parents’ cottage. Her kids had a great time playing soccer with their cousins as you can see, and her brother-in-law even joined in the fun sporting his stylish Soccer Parent shirt.

It might be four more years until the next World Cup, but for kids across Canada, anytime is soccer time!


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