Squash It


It’s not tough to figure out what my inspiration was for this months Squash It edition of EatSavvy. Everywhere you look this month, you’ll find one of these oddly shaped vegetables. But despite their abundance, I think squash is a bit undervalued.
My own childhood memories of squash aren’t great. It was usually just squashed (literally) with a topping of maple syrup (anything to make it taste better), but now there are some fun and fabulous ways to serve it up and we’ve got some for you in this month’s EatSavvy.

Squash adds a nice creamy texture to a traditional mac ‘n’ cheese recipe but I particularly like it as a spaghetti alternative. Let’s not forget the most popular squash soup.

It’s all delicious and healthy. And honestly, I’m so happy to know there are other ways to serve and enjoy it these days.


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