Be Clean, Stay Green


Kermit’s famous line ‘It’s not easy being green’ has been rather popular of late thanks to the daily challenges of being a responsible ‘green’ citizen in today’s modern world.
And that challenge has a lot to do with knowing which green product to choose in the grocery store.

When it comes to cleaning products, the questions remain the same: which ones are really ‘green’ and which ones are actually effective and which ones, ideally, are both? It’s a common concern for moms who naturally (pun intended) want the best for their family.

Green Works® cleaning products are effective. They really work—and what sets them apart from other cleaners is what they’re made from. Besides contributing to exceptional cleaning, Green Works® cleaning ingredients are plant-based and biodegradable. Many of the cleaning ingredients are derived from ingredients that you may find in your fridge—like coconuts and lemon oil. The products are packaged in bottles that can be recycled and are not tested on animals. As well, they clean with the power you would expect from Clorox.

The people at Green Works® are so dedicated to being green that they want to share the green love with everyone. They also want you to share your green tips and knowledge through a Facebook game called Green Works Works Wonders. To play, you need to participate by answering questions, collect points and win prizes. Its fun, it’s social and it’s green.

And there’s even more to win if you’re a SavvyMom subscriber. One lucky SavvyMom reader will have a sparkling clean home with a year’s worth of Green Works® products. Enter for your chance to win a one year supply of Green Works® naturally-derived cleaning products now!

Looking for more information on Green Works® products and about the grand prize? It’s all covered here.

So now you can stay clean AND be green.


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