Stuff That Stocking


Don’t get us wrong. We love Santa. He fills those stockings to the brim every year with fab treats for Daddy, Jack and Jill. He even remembers the dog. Sometimes though, he skips out on Mom’s stocking. How does that happen?
This year Santa can find stocking stuffers for Mom and the rest of the family from Joe Fresh Style at prices starting as low as three dollars. Repeat, three dollars—and we won’t let you go higher than $30 for a stocking stuffer with Joe. Let us give you some examples:

Try a little cashmere blend for the toes—the Cashmere Blend Striped Knee High is only $5. Heads stay warm and ears covered for $3 in the Joe Fleece cap and you will sleep well in the Jazzy Jersey Sleep Pant for $8 (they are oh-so-soft). Just $19 for a trendy Tri-Colour Striped Sweater, anyone? Or go ahead and splurge on a Cotton Cashmere Hoodie for $29. And that’s just Mom’s stocking.

For Jill, the Dreamland Sleep Set ($16), the Pompom Slippers ($6) and the ‘too good to leave in the store’ Holiday Hug Dress ($14) are just a few items to look for.

Jack might like the Striped Pompom Toque ($6) or the Winter Sleep Set pyjamas ($12). Look for lots of outerwear and snowflake sweaters to keep him warm over the holidays too.

And Santa never forgets about Dad’s stocking. Fill it up with some new Home Slippers ($10), a Warm-up Scarf ($12) a Fleece Robe ($24) or a Printed Button Down shirt—just right for date night ($19).

Santa can’t possibly forget about Mom this year. We know he likes to eat, so now he can even pick up his last minute stocking stuffers while grocery shopping.

Thanks Joe.


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