City Sidewalks


We know. The Christmas you may remember from your childhood—all twinkling lights and department store Santas—seems lost in the mists of time. It’s not gone (really); it’s just been buried by the holiday ‘to-do’ list that is every mother’s lot.
But here’s one way to bring some of that old Christmas magic alive again. For one day, get your shopping accomplished the old-fashioned way—not online, and not in a big-box, but on those “city sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style”. Put on your comfiest shoes, grab your favourite hold-all shopping bag, and leave Baby at home—SavvyMom is taking you to Broadway.

Making Spirits Bright
The Kitsilano section of West Broadway is a great destination spot for shoppers, and a little less busy than its Fourth Avenue or Robson Street counterparts. Make sure to bring some change for the parking meters, or (even better) register your vehicle in advance with Verrus so you can pay via cellphone (you’ll also get a reminder message when your parking’s almost expired, and you can add more time remotely if you need to). Good-bye, tickets!


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