Summer Games BINGO

olympics bingo

If you’re anything like me, you might be spending a little more time in front of the TV these days. The Olympics have captivated us all.

My boys have been keeping close tabs on the swimming competition, while I enjoy the gymnastics, and we’ve all been mesmerized by the tiny women that heave more than 130 kg of weights over their heads in the power lifting competitions.

We joke that the announcers use the same words so frequently we could create a drinking game (don’t worry, one of my boys isn’t too far away from being of legal age, and we mean we could, in theory only), which got me thinking that for younger kids a game of BINGO might be a little more fun. So, in the spirit of helping you turn an ordinary afternoon of watching TV into something a little extra special, I’ve created a ‘Summer Games BINGO’ for you and your kids to play this week.

Here’s how it works: every time you hear or see one of the words on your card, you mark that word with a big ‘X’. The first person to form a line (straight or diagonal) wins. To add more energy to your game—and let’s be honest, to make it last a little longer—you can also structure it so players need to make an ‘L’ shape instead of a straight line, a postage stamp (the top right four squares), the four corners, or a complete blackout (cover the whole board).

Olympic BingoClick here for a printable version. 

  • Use food for markers instead of a dabber. For this particular game, you might want to try o-shaped cereal as they represent those five famous circles often associated with this event.
  • Award prizes. Even something small—like a pass on tomorrow’s chores—can entice even the youngest kid in the family.

Have fun, friends!

P.S. If you’re in need of more Olympic inspiration we have an entire party plan and menu available here!


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