Where to Go for Swimming Lessons in Calgary

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Teaching your kids how to swim isn’t just a rite of passage – it’s an important skill that’ll keep them safe throughout their lives. With such high demand for swimming lessons in Calgary, getting your kiddo signed up to build their aquatic abilities can be a little tricky at times. Knowing all of your options for who’s offering swimming lessons in YYC is a great place to start – so check out this list and get ready to get splashing!

Where to Go for Swimming Lessons in Calgary

The City of Calgary | calgary.ca

The City of Calgary offers six categories of lessons to sign up for including Parent & Tot (over six months with an adult, $46), Preschool (3-5 years, $70), Child and Youth (6-17 years, $76), Adult (13+ years, $90), Private (3+ years, $47.50 per class), and Lifesaving & Swim Certifications (8+ years, starting at $84). Swimming lessons begin at aquatic facilities in September, at Southland Leisure Centre in October, and at Village Square Leisure Centre in November. You can register online, in person, or by calling 403-268-3800 (option 1).

YMCA Calgary | ymcacalgary.org

Anyone in the family is welcome to register for an aquatics class at the YMCA. There are Preschool Parented classes for kiddos between 3 months and 3 years, Preschool classes for 3-5 year olds, a Learn to Swim Program for 6-14 year olds, a Star Program for 6-14 year olds, Private and Semi-Private Lessons for anyone 3 and up, and Adult Swim Programs. Certification Programs are also available. Register online.

MNP Community and Sports Centre | mnpcentre.com

MNP Community and Sports Centre (formerly Repsol) has a range of swimming classes available for folks of all ages and abilities. Their SwimAbilities® program is geared for children with special needs, along with their caregiver. SwimAbilities® is available to any child from 3-16 years who doesn’t yet fit into regular lessons, whether or not they have a diagnosis. MNP also offers Parent & Tot (4 months-3 years), Swim for Life Preschool (3+ years), Swim for Life Swimmer (6+ years), Canadian Swim Patrol (Swimmer 6 minimum), Private Lessons (starting at $53 per session) and Semi-Private Lessons (starting at $39 per session), One-Off Private Lessons and Adult Lessons. Register online.

Mount Royal University | mrucougars.com

MRU offers Swim For Life programs in group, private and semi-private lessons for children, youth and adults. If you aren’t sure which class to register for, free assessments are available during lane and open swim times to determine your swimmer’s level. Parent & Tot (4 months to 3 years), Preschool (3-5 years), Swimmer (5-12 years), Adult Swimmer, and Fitness Swimmer classes (for swimmers of any age who want to improve their overall fitness in the water) are available. H2Able Swim is also offered as a one-on-one adapted program that provides critical life skills for those with disabilities.

Calgary Jewish Community Centre | calgaryjcc.com

The Paperny Family JCC has partnered with True Blue to offer ability-based lessons to people of all ages. Anyone 3 and over starts by booking a free, no obligation assessment to ensure they get placed in the right class. Children under 3 can register for the Preparation course, while the assessment for all other participants will place them in Familiarization, Independence, Fundamentals, Evolution, Proficiency or Graduation levels. For more information call 403-692-3855 or visit the True Blue website.

Vecova | vecova.ca

Vecova offers lessons through Red Cross for Parents and Tots (4 months – 3 years, starting at $60), Preschool (3-5 years, starting at $60), Swimmers (6+ years, ), and Adults. They also offer lessons for individuals with special needs through the SwimAbilities Program, train leaders-to-be in the Junior Lifeguard Club, and offer Private Lessons. Register online.

K&K Swim School | kkswimschool.com

K&K Swim School is a private lesson option for swimmers of any age or ability. Lessons start at $45.50 per lesson, and are hosted at hotel pools across the city. See their website for registration information and to find the location offered nearest to you!

Swim Kids Calgary | swimkidscalgary.ca

Swim Kids offers a program that’s a bit different than a traditional swim lesson. The purpose of these lessons is to teach young children the skills they need if they find themselves unexpectedly in the water.

There are two options for registration: the Full Program ($650 per child) is for kiddos who are at least 6 months old who have never taken a Swim Kids Course. These lessons are one-on-one and teach skills such as finding air after being fully submerged, maintaining a float until an adult can reach them, swimming to a desired target (walking children only) and practicing these skills while fully clothed. Classes are Monday through Thursday for 10 minutes per day and typically require 5 weeks to graduate the program; participants graduate when they are fully independent in the water, and the fee covers the program regardless of how many weeks it takes to graduate. There is also a refresher course for $99.75 per week per child. Lessons are offered at hotel pools across the city. Register online.

Propel HQ | propelhq.com

Propel HQ hosts lessons at the pool in the Sheraton Suites Calgary Eau Claire with an instructor chosen by you. Using the Propel HQ website, you select an instructor based on their price, schedule, and experience to find the one best suited to help you hit your swim goals. Next, book your lesson by picking a time from their schedule. Together, you can set your goals and work together to achieve them!

It’s no secret that learning to swim is an important skill, not just for having fun at pool parties and the beach, but also for keeping folks of all ages safe and confident around the water. Where are your favourite places to sign up for swimming lessons in Calgary?


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