The Fresh 20


The Fresh 20, a popular budget-friendly meal planning service, has been available online for several years. This month, a book based on the program was released, offering parents plenty of healthy solutions and easy preparation strategies designed to make mealtimes just a little easier.
The idea behind the program and the book is to turn 20 wholesome and unprocessed ingredients into five easy and delicious weeknight meals. Divided by season, there are several weeks worth of meal plans for each, and all include a menu, full shopping list, itemized breakdown of what you’€™ll need from your own pantry (olive oil, chicken stock, honey), steps for what to prep on Sunday for the week ahead (salad dressing, marinades, breadcrumbs) and well-written recipes for each meal, including ingredient swap ideas and tips for changing up some of the flavours in the dish to make another meal.

I’€™m typically smitten by anything that arms me with good ideas for getting dinner on the table, and plan to put this method to the test next week.


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