Every Challenge Needs a Starting Line


There has been increased awareness and acceptance of mental health issues in society but not much is known or understood about how much it actually affects our youth.
As many as two million Canadian youth struggle with a mental health problem and yet only one in five will get specialized treatment. The biggest reason for that is because families don’€™t know how to detect it or where to go for the help and services their children need.

To help change these stats, The Royal Bank of Canada and Sunnybrook have partnered to create the RBC Run for the Kids’„¢‘€”a unique fundraising event in support of the Family Navigation Project, a first-of-its-kind program to help Canadian families navigate the complex web of mental health services.

This isn’€™t a run like any other. The RBC Run for the Kids’„¢ takes place over the weekend of September 21 and 22, and includes three different ways to get involved.

  1. A fun 5 km run/walk open to all ages, individuals, families and teams
  2. An exciting 15 km youth challenge which encourages youth 18 years of age and under to get active by running 10 km PRIOR to the event, tracking their progress online and then coming out on event day and running the final 5 km
  3. An inspiring 25 km race which enables runners to challenge themselves by going beyond the half marathon distance without having to run a full marathon

Register now for the Run so you can get training all summer. And while you’€™re running with your kids, explain to them why you’€™re running’€”for themselves and for others.



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