The KitKat Chocolatory Just Opened In Yorkdale & You Have To See It

Kit Kat Feature

We’ve always been partial to enjoying super unique experiences with our kids. So when we heard we could have such an outing – and it involved making our very own custom KitKat chocolate bar at Yorkdale Mall’s KitKat Chocolatory – we were on an excited high that had nothing to do with sugar.

The Chocolatory, which just opened Nov. 14, is a cool, fun experience. Here’s how it works.

In the “Create Your Break” experience ($16), first we pick our chocolate type: white, milk and dark are offered.  Then we get to choose up to three ingredients from the offering of 16. There are organic gummy bears, potato chips, mini marshmallows, peanut butter chips, fruit, nuts and SO MANY MORE. Next, it’s craft time as we customize the packaging and personalize a message. Finally, we watch the team of chocolatiers make our creation and others in the open kitchen. It takes about 90 minutes, so we can also get some shopping done.

If the kids are a bit older or this sounds like a great friend outing, there’s also The Chef’s Table™ Experience that’s making its world debut here in Toronto. It’s an immersive chocolate experience, as you learn about how chocolate comes to be, from cacao bean to that smooth, rich bar we know and love. Think of it as the chocolate version of a vineyard tour. It’s guided by Head Chocolatier Christopher Neamtu. And we still get to make our own KitKat, even choosing from the special chef’s menu (so exclusive)! It can take up to five people, is 45 minutes long ($45) and reservations are required.

In-store is also the only place to lay your hands on exclusive special edition KitKats. Take, for example, the first edition KitKat Gold, a caramelized, white chocolate experience – and in true first edition fashion, only 15,000 were created ($8).

Now say illness (winter, we’re looking at you) or a scheduling mix-up makes a visit to the Chocolatory a no-go. There are still some fun things to do online. Shop for some special edition KitKats ($8) (perfect for the hard-to-buy-for) – we’re very, very curious about the “Delightfully, Coffee & Donuts” flavour – it’s donut-flavoured milk chocolate with ground coffee and sprinkles. The “Absolutely, Candy Cane” edition is perfect for the festive season, with not just candy cane pieces but gingerbread cookie bits, too. And “Whoa, White Cranberry”, white chocolate with cranberries, pistachios and snowflake sprinkles, looks almost – ALMOST, we said – too good to eat. We can also choose from the special editions to fill a 2-bar ($22) or 4-pack ($40) gift box and personalize the card and greeting.

For more of the feel-good factor, the cocoa is certified sustainably sourced and all of the packaging is recyclable.

There may be lots of treats this holiday season, but nothing compares to making our own creation with the flavour combos that we love. Plus, the kids adore seeing their creations turn into that distinctive KitKat shape. Definitely worth the calories.



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