The List: 9 Best Diapers


Babies’ bums are a wonderful thing. Moms everywhere share a universal obsession with keeping them soft, dry and perfect. We’ve got you and those precious cheeks covered, whether you’re into disposable, organic or all-cloth—with our 9 Best Diapers for babies.
BroodyChicks—we’d buy them for the name alone. Hailed as the most eco-friendly alternative to disposable diapers, these are one of the first diaper options in North America that are fully biodegradable and compostable. Created by a BC mom who was tired of putting her babies’ butts in less-than-natural surroundings, the company also offers wipes, soaps and lotions. These diapers might be pricey, and feel slightly stiffer, but they get an A+ from us for holding leaks well (and for saving the planet in the disposable diaper arena). ($17.99, find it here)

Bummis Complete Cloth Diapering KitIf you’ve decided that cloth diapering and laundering are going to be part of your daily duty, Bummis Complete Cloth Diapering Kit could be the most economical and comprehensive way of diving in. Sizes and contents of each kit vary depending on the age and/or weight of your child. It may sound like a lot, but easy instructions are included to get you started. ($179.98, find it here)

bumGenius Elemental All-in-One DiapersThere are many benefits to all-in-one cloth diapers, not the least of which is that they expand with your babe, from a newborn, all the way up to a 35-pound toddler. You’re set size-wise with bumGenius Elemental All-in-One Diapers. Made with absorbent, organic cotton liners integrated into a waterproof outer layer, stretchy tabs, durable leg elastics (to contain messes), and double snap enclosures (which we like because as the kids get older, they can pull at Velcro). Good to Know: ‘All-in-one’ cloth diapers can take longer to air dry or tumble dry, so you’ll want a few on hand as the soiled ones make their way through the wash cycle. ($28.99, find it here)

RumparoozIf the ‘pocket/insert cloth’ diaper system is for you, Rumparooz get rave reviews for overall quality and a smart design that includes inner gussets that keep all the yuck stuck inside where you want it. Each Rumparooz diaper comes with two micro-terry inserts (during nap time or nighttime it’s best to double them up for added absorbency). With biodegradable fabric, and three rows of snaps, there are essentially four sizes in one Rumparooz diaper. Added bonus: no separate diaper cover. ($23.50, find it here)

We’re not full of it. Check out 9 Best Diapers for the full list of ways to keep bums clean and fresh. Tested by Alison R., Toronto


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