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Hello. The kids are headed back to school soon. Chances are, they’ll be closer together than they were in the few years past. So now we’re going to discuss the “The Facts of Lice.” Gah! Right?! What to do about lice?!

Tips and Advice for What to Do About Lice…

Like it or not, parents have to face the reality that lice is the second most communicable affliction among school age children. Here to help is Dawn Mucci from the Lice Squad. She’s a professional nitpicker who’s happy to share her expertise and enlighten us on what to do if they crawl into your home (via your kids’ heads! Gah!)

SavvyMom: Thanks for joining us, Dawn! Can you tell us why you chose to be a professional nitpicker?

Dawn: Two major reasons… One, my concern with the high levels of pesticides children are exposed to treatments currently available in drug stores, and second, my desire to dispel all the old wives’ tales still believed about lice. My mission is to provide parents, schools, and childcare agencies everywhere the necessary education and tools to deal with head lice right from the start.

SavvyMom: Our kids have had lice! There, it’s out in front of all our readers. I have also used what I now understand to be pesticides. Should I be concerned?

Dawn: Don’t be concerned if you have used the solution once or twice. The problem occurs when parents don’t treat head lice properly and end up applying the rinse more than once or twice. This much exposure is not good for children and we believe can have quite serious effects.

SavvyMom: So what do you suggest instead of the pesticide shampoo? Mayonnaise? Olive oil? Kerosene? Coconut Oil? Shave their head?

Dawn: The only way to ensure complete nit removal is to pick them out one by one. Nothing that is topically applied kills lice eggs.

SavvyMom: What products and services do you recommend, then, to get the job done?

Dawn: The number one tool you’ll need is the right comb – our Super Hero Louse Trap Comb has a lifetime guarantee. We also sell a pesticide-free rinse and offer a service where trained professionals will visit your home to do the nit picking for you.

SavvyMom: Dawn, I’ll admit I have two active and messy kids. We do bathe them every night though, and yet we’ve still been infected. Why? And how can I avoid it in the future?

Dawn: One of the facts of lice we teach is that getting head lice has nothing to do with cleanliness (or lack thereof), economic status, or race. Anyone can get head lice – just like anyone can catch a virus. However, the best way to avoid getting them is to avoid head to head contact, sharing hair items like hats or brushes, or sleeping or placing your head on the areas where an infested person has laid their head.

Lice is no reason to panic, even though just the thought of it is gross! But knowing what to do about lice gives you a heads up (literally) for how to take action quickly.

Hey, stop scratching. It’s just psychosomatic. Besides, you know what to do now.


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