5 Things to Eat Before Summer Ends


Summer is so fleeting in Canada and you have to take advantage of every sweet moment. One of the joys of summer is indulging in the seasonal foods available that will disappear as soon as the first leaf hits the sidewalk. Here are just five examples of foods you have to eat before the summer ends:

5 Things to Eat Before Summer Ends

1. Roasted Corn:

Fresh, sweet corn is one of the best things about summer. Roasted corn is even better. Make an effort to get it from your local farms or hit your neighbourhood Farmer’s Market. Roasted corn on the grill adds a layer of caramelized, toasted goodness to corn and you can brush it with a number of flavourings such as Cilantro Lime Butter, Cajun Butter, Herb Butter or an Indian influenced Aromatic Spiced Butter.

2. Grilled Fresh Tomatoes:

Summer is the only time you will taste tomatoes the way they were intended to be eaten. If you want a simple and delicious new favourite condiment for your burger or perfect side dish, grilled fresh tomatoes will be an addictive but not so guilty pleasure.

Grilled tomatoes can be sliced in thick slabs for larger varieties such as Beefsteak or halved for smaller tomatoes such as Romas. Simply drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt and cracked pepper, and grill them until they are caramelized and charred (about 20 minutes). You can also add your favourite Cajun or Italian spice mix. The uses for grilled tomatoes are endless – add them to a tortilla with guacamole, with mixed greens as a sandwich filler, as an extra delicious burger topping, in place of regular tomatoes in a summery caprese salad or simply as the perfect side to any grilled steak.

3. Hot Banana Peppers:

These peppers are often overlooked with all the hype about the hottest peppers available. However if you can grow these lovely yellow, green peppers in your garden or spot them at your local farmers’ market scoop them up. They should be shiny and firm. A great way to eat them is to remove the stem end and scoop out the seeds and then stuff them with goat’s cheese and fresh chives. Place the stem end into the cheese to stop them from leaking and then grill them until they are lightly browned. They are the perfect summer appetizer.

4. Manitoulin White Fish:

It is well worth the drive to the tiny town of Tobermory to sample fresh white fish caught that morning. As an inland province Ontarians do not get to enjoy fresh seafood very often and when it comes to Northern Ontario the fresh white fish found off the shores of Manitoulin Island is lovely, flakey, and moist. Even people who don’t like fish might enjoy it as it truly is mild in flavour.

It is wonderful fried, served as fish and chips, or in a sandwich which you can find at the small, unassuming restaurants located at Little Tub Harbour. Take some smoked white fish home to enjoy a classic Ontario treat.

5. Tiny Tom’s Donuts:

This one might seem a little unexpected, but these donuts only pop up at popular fairgrounds during the summer (and sometimes early fall) months. These donuts are simple delights that are deep fried but not greasy and then sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and served hot. They do have one shop in Markham, Ontario but part of the fun is enjoying them in the heat of the summer with the thunder of roller coasters and calls of midway barkers carrying on the wind.


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