The Hot on Cold


Baby, it’s cold outside! And you know something else…Baby’s bound to get a cold this winter (Mom, Dad, Little Sis and ‘Tweenager too). This ‘common’ reality for moms is hard to avoid (although handwashing definitely helps) but a few handy tricks in your mom arsenal can help make life a lot less stuffy when the dreaded cold hits, especially now that we can’t depend on any children’s cold medicine.
Rise Up
When baby has a cold (or an earache), pediatricians recommend elevating the head to allow the congestion to drain. We know pillows in the crib aren’t safe and trying to find an even number of your old textbooks that combine to equal height on each side (so as to avoid unsafe wobbling of course) in the middle of the night when you have not slept in hours can be more than a little challenging! So avoid this dilemma with a set of SpaceBabies Baby Bed Blocks. They can be placed under the legs to raise the crib safely as high as four inches. When not aiding a sick baby to sleep, kids love to use the set of six colourful blocks as a fun stacking toy or as molds for Play-doh or in the sandbox. (Available from


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