The Mom Stash


Another night of good cheer… Hair? Check.
Jewels? Check.
Babysitter? Check.
Your beloved waiting at door? Check.

The hostess gift? Oops. Maybe you shouldn’t have opened that second bottle of wine last night.

The solution, says Trish Magwood is the mom stash. Trish is SavvyMom’s expert foodie, fab host of Food Network’s party dish, owner of dish cooking studio and mother of two.

The ‘stash’ is a collection of emergency food creations (made by you) that magically transform into a hostess gift for the 10th holiday party of the season, a lovely accompaniment to hot cocoa for family and friends that drop by unexpectedly or the gift you forgot to buy for Great Aunt Mildred.

Trish has shared with us her recipes for candied nuts and peppermint crunch bark because they are quick, simple to make (even if you have kids crawling all over you) and packed with flavour (it’s all about using the best ingredients).

Buy some lovely wrapping, get to the kitchen and presto—you are a stress free diva entertainer/guest/mother all in one.

Caution: Items contain large traces of sugar. Not recommended for personal consumption in large quantities. Best used for gifts.


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