The Planets Are Aligned


Not such a long time ago, in a galaxy not very far away, there lived two mom entrepreneurs named Carolyn Murphy and Sara Fillmore, who were creative enough to launch their own successful children’s clothing lines.
While their businesses grew and prospered in the world of mom-dom, they daydreamed about combining their talents and offering their wares in a store for other savvy moms. After many months of daydreaming (but not so much planning as it happened—the task seemed galactic in proportion) they came upon a bright empty space on Toronto’s trendy Queen Street West, and soon enough the fabulous children’s store Planet Kid opened its doors in 2006.

‘Cosmic, cool and all Canadian’, the store grew in reputation and they began to invite other Canadian mom-designers to sell their wares alongside their own lines Baby Ben and Hankware.

But alas, savvy moms know that online shopping is where it’s at and these intrepid artisans needed a website for their loyal customers. (Unless you lived in downtown Toronto, Planet Kid and its great clothing lines for boys and fun room décor for kids sometimes felt like it was a universe away). But, now with their recently-launched shopping site, is just a click away.


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