The PA of Today


Concierge. Hear the word and we think of an immaculately uniformed employee behind the mahogany desk of a five-star hotel. But these days, a concierge might just as easily be the person standing behind you in the line-up at Costco.
Yes, downtown luxe has gone suburban with the rapid rise of concierge services in the Vancouver area. Mary Ann Westendorf is the owner of The Bizzy Butler, whose personal assistant services are designed to make it easier for clients to get some ‘quality time’ back in their life. “They just can’t do it all themselves any more,” she said. “People are just so grateful to have our help.”

The Bizzy Butler has been asked to cater a party on a 40-ft. yacht, deliver ice cream bars to a surgical patient, stand in line at a downtown gallery to purchase an art piece for a New York client, spring clean a home, design custom pillows for a master bedroom, and organize garages. As long as the task is legal, ethical and within the team’s capabilities, they’ll take it on, at a cost of $30 to $35 per hour.


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