The Push Present


Although I love the ring of the term ‘bastard child’, I knew Amy and I were in for the long haul. We planned to have a family (as evident by Amy’s pregnant state) but we had no plans to wed. There was no pressure and no guilt. Nice.
So when I popped the question at a lovely French restaurant, Amy was confused. She thought the ring box had fancy chocolates in it (needless to say she was ever so slightly disappointed). But a wedding ring is always a nice gift, and a nice challenge if the recipient is a woman who designs jewelry for a living. Fear not, I’m not named Bond for nothing. I sleuthed, hacked and conspired with her friends and together with the very talented Cynthia Archer, created a lovely ring featuring an orange sapphire. It was during this process that Cynthia recommended I get a couple of extra rocks for matching earrings. They would make the perfect ‘Push Present’, she said. I nodded and smiled—with absolutely no knowledge of what she meant.

Fast-forward to an evening of unmedicated, totally-natural child birthing in front of my very eyes, in our very bed no less, and when it was all over (or starting) all I could think was, “This woman deserves a medal! A prize beyond that of breathing life form; something that shines and sparkles just for her!” Wait! So while the midwives tidied up (have I mentioned how amazing our midwives are?) I ran down to where I had stored the earrings many moons ago. I returned panting and presented the same box. Of course Amy barely knew her own name and only looked at them like chocolates again, but she got her medal.

Every woman has her own childbirth story. Some are sad and some are stressful and most are beautiful. Now, it’s not for me to say if the gift should be a measure of the struggle or the success, but women who carry a baby to term experience a new world of sensations and challenges and deserve a medal.

And now I see Amy dawning these colourful sparkling jewels, holding our new baby, suddenly a mother, and I am so grateful for her gifts to me.


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