The Savvy Guide to September

SavvyMom April 12, 2016

The Savvy Guide to September
Back to school or back to reality? Because all good things must come to an end, so must summer. September brings the structure and schedules that keep us and our kids busy (whether they are in school or not). Here’s our savvy guide to getting the most out of this bittersweet month.

Buy some peaches
Why? Because they are still in season and there are lots of great recipes like this one to make you feel summery for a while longer. You can also chop and freeze them for the winter (they’re good in smoothies) so your family will thank you in the months ahead.

Back on your real-world sleep schedules, starting now
Why? If you start now, before all the regular programming resumes, it won’t be as difficult to get everyone out the door when you need to.

Sorting games with old summer clothes that need to be put away.
Why? You need to purge the kids’ closets, so try and get them to participate and help. If you turn it into a game of sorting (like-colours with like-colours, shirts with shirts, pants with pants), everyone wins by sneaking a little fun and learning into an end-of-season chore.

I Just Don’t Know How She Does It: The Life of Kate Reddy, Working Mother by Allison Pearson
Why? Because you should read this hilarious and insightful book about the juggling moms must do before you see the movie. Because if doing it all were easy, men would be doing it too.

Why? Because if you have summer memories of a favourite place you haven’t gone back to for many years, this will make it even more special for the archives.

Follow our top three back-to-school green rules: walk or bike to school, buy recycled paper and pencils, and pack reusable water bottles instead of plastic.
Why? Because we have a planet to save and our kids should learn to take responsibility for it too.

The Week Calendar App
Why? Because it allows you to see all your appointments for the week, not just daily or monthly, in one organized view.

Raise money for cancer research at the Terry Fox Run on September 18.
Why? Besides raising money to fight a disease that touches so many of us, this iconic Canadian tradition is one of the best opportunities out there to teach kids that they can make a difference.

Receive 20% off everything at The Penny Paper Co. using code SavvyMom until September 8.
Why? Because every item this fab mom-run online store has to offer—from their clever and customizable alphabet prints to custom note pads and address labels—is a perfect blend of modern design and colour and makes a great gift idea or addition to your home.

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