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It’s Christmas, we’re stressed and we’re all trying to get things done while pretending to enjoy spending the required mandatory family fun time with the gang.
But instead of droning on about that, for a change I’m thinking about what I am grateful for (aren’t I an angel?). At SavvyMom I’m grateful for the whole team, of course, but the team members that sometimes get marginalized are the writers and they are very dear to my heart here at SavvyMom—I like to refer to them as my “Savvy Scribes”.

We’ve put together quite a team of writers across the country and I thought I might introduce you to the lifeblood of our organization. Without these moms-in-the-know who are out in the trenches, testing all of the savvy finds we bring you weekly, we would have nothing to send you.

Andrea Tompkins, Ottawa SavvyScribe
Andrea Tomkins

Martha Cass, Toronto SavvyScribe
Martha Cass

Heather Johnson, Calgary SavvyScribe
Heather Johnson

Sheila Colman and Michelle Tice, Vancouver SavvyScribes
Sheila Colman & Michelle Tice

Barb Collumbin, Victoria
Barb Collumbin
The most recent addition to the team, welcome Barb!

And I can’t leave out Patti Ryan our other Ottawa writer who has taken the year off with her family to travel. Read more about her journey on the SavvyMom Guest Blog.

I’ll be telling you a little bit more about these remarkable moms in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.


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