The Worldly Web


It’s wild and wonderful out there on the World Wide Web but like Dorothy said, ‘there’s no place like home’.
So it’s no wonder that three new sites we discovered recently while hanging ten on the web grabbed our attention. They all bring expert services from far off places into the comfort of our own homes (which comes in handy at naptime, nighttime or any other time we have a few minutes to ourselves).

Since our gig as a mom began, we haven’t been getting in as many downward dogs as we might like. But with our new membership at, we’re asana-ing every day. streams a wide variety of yoga classes in HD video from a studio on Santa Monica, providing the experience of taking a studio-based yoga class right in your home. With a wide variety of yoga practices available, great teachers and classes from 5 to 120 minutes long, you can take an unlimited number of classes at your convenience (or perhaps we should say at your children’s convenience) for $18 a month (that’s per month, not per class). The site also offers several yoga education resources such as video demonstrations of poses.


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