Tipped Off


We’ve got a special tip for you today. Actually, we’ve got tons of them. And we know you do too.
For two years, we’ve been bringing you our Tip of the Week every Tuesday and for two years, readers have been asking for more.

So we listened, we archived and we built up a library of SavvyTips so that one fine day we could finally include a SavvyTips channel on our site just for you. And today’s the day we officially launch it, so now you can browse through all past and future tips in one easy-to-access area.

Looking for a specific tip, say about kitchen cleaning? You can search tips by key word(s) (like cooking oil or baking soda) if you’re trying to find something in particular. Or simply browse through the entire collection of SavvyTips in the category you’re looking for—Beauty, Birthday, Cleaning, Food, Kids, Organizing, Safety and Travel are just some of the categories we have on offer.


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