9 Tips to Go Green in Your Kitchen

Tips to Go Green in the Kitchen - SavvyMom

Moving toward a greener life can start in the kitchen. From paper towels to plastic bags and produce, the kitchen is filled with chances to reduce your family’s waste and reduce energy consumption. Read on for our top 9 tips to help you go green in your kitchen.

9 Easy Ways to Go Green in the Kitchen

1. Grow Your Own Vegetables, Fruits & Herbs

If you’ve got space in your backyard or on your deck, it’s a great idea to grow your own fruits, veggies, and even fresh herbs. It will not only save you money at the grocery store, but it helps to green your outdoor space.

2. Swap Out Plastic Baggies

There are so many fun and funky designs now available, so it’s time to ditch the plastic baggies and instead opt for re-usable cloth baggies.

3. Fill Your Dishwasher and Use on a Low Temperature Cycle

When using your dishwasher, set to the lowest temperature setting available and do not run a cycle until the dishwasher is absolutely full. This will enable you to cut down the energy used and you will only have to run your dishwasher a handful of times each week.

4. Ditch The Bleach and Harsh Chemicals

Environmentally friendly cleaning products are filling shelves everywhere. So, before you reach for that bottle of Clorox, check out the label and instead reach for something natural and/or organic. Green products are now just as strong and powerful as chemical ones, so that excuse can get chucked out the front door. 

5. Pitch The Paper Towel

Instead of using paper towels constantly to dry hands and dishes, opt to purchase a few good tea towels which you can keep handy and wash every few uses. Also, instead of using j-cloths and throwa-way scrubs, go green with wash cloths which can be used and re-used over and over again.

6. Avoid Aerosol Oven Cleaners

Aerosol oven cleaners are incredibly harsh for you and the environment. There are companies now, such as Ecover, which offer more environmentally friendly options.

7. Stop Purchasing Bottled Water

Go green in your kitchen with a faucet filter or pitcher filter, and drink clean pure water without the waste.

8. Use Your Compost

Be more diligent about not tossing those apple peels, coffee grounds, and egg shells in the garbage, fill your green bin instead. Want to go that extra-mile? Get a countertop composter!

9. Purchase Grocery Items in Bulk

Maybe you don’t think you have the cupboard or fridge space to buy in bulk. That doesn’t mean you can’t stock up in other ways. Buying yogurt? Choose to buy one single (large) container rather than smaller single-serving pots. It will reduce the amount of packaging waste, for example. Single-serving snacks are easy but you’ll save money and the environment if you package your own.


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